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Regional Executive Committee:


Sandra Logue

Sandra Logue (2017)
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
(303) 724-6193


Deborah Shaver

Deborah Shaver (2017)
University of Idaho
(208) 885-4627

Past Chair:

Marjorie Townsend

Marjorie Townsend (2017)
Arizona State University
(480) 965-7030


Lee Pettit (2016-2017)
Arizona State University
(480) 965-8062


Tolise Miles

Tolise Miles (2016-2017)
University of Colorado, Boulder
(303) 735-7736

Ashley Stahle

Ashley Stahle (2017-2018)
Colorado State University
(970) 491-0974

Volunteer Coordinator

We are currently searching for a new Volunteer Coordinator.
For more information on this position, please contact one of the officers listed above.

Representatives to NCURA National:

Board of Directors

Ralph Brown

Ralph Brown (2017-2018)
Colorado School of Mines
(303) 273-3538